What Is

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Daemon Sprites is comprised of two things. AI and NFTs.

A Daemon is a computer program that runs as a background process.
A Sprite is a two-dimensional image, most often in a 2D video game.

    What Do We Offer

  • AI Access. Enjoy access to AI chat with your NFT as your key. We are expanding the AI options to Daemon Sprites by creating as many AI APIs for you to choose from. This is for you to choose which AI source you feel comfortable with while we prepare for integrating decentralized Nueral-Symbollic LLM and AGI in the future.
  • Blockchain Only. Conversations are not stored or retained by us. The only data we use and provide will be on the ledger. We will not use any backend database relational or non-relational, blob or S3 to retain or store any of your conversations with your Daemon Sprite.
  • Global Inclusion. Our NFTs allow you to choose your language. With todays LLMs we can have conversations in many text based languages. We hope to develop into verbal as well.

AI and Blockchain capabilities are only just beginning. That is why we believe having a conversation with the future and "past" will help us shape the future.

Why Cardano?

Cardano is fundamentally built on strong academic peer review, and one of the most decentralized networks. We dug deep into the (e)utxo model and functional programming to provide security and stability as we scale. That is why our first NFT will be the man of the era Voltaire.

Why Voltaire?

Engage with the illustrious Voltaire and interact with a historical figure who has contributed to literature, philosophy, and the Enlightement. Explore various topics, seek adivce, or simply enjoy the pleasure of conversing with one of history's most renowned thinkers.

What's Next?

The next Daemon Sprite NFT has to do with the total mints of Voltaire. We will also deliver a roadmap after the last Voltaire has been minted.

You will also see some NFT collaborations that may sporadically appear as well.